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Rules of Engagement: Building Brand Relationships

For brands, it’s all about more engagement – but that means more than just cultivating social media likes. Source: Getty Images

By Alex Friedman

Since my time at Boston University—back when Facebook was still in its infancy—the world has spun uncontrollably into the vortex of our portable devices. They are, after all, the gateways to our thoughts, our exchanges, our friendships, and our digital libraries. We are seemingly unable to function without the familiar feel of a phone in our pocket—its comfort carefully tucked away yet always within reach, buzzing with waiting likes and messages. We feel engaged, but we’ve never been less so.

With access always at our fingertips, we tend to overlook just how quickly society transforms our definition of engagement and connection. We hurl ourselves toward the new, forgetting how enamored we were just moments ago. Remember Friendster? Myspace? How about AIM? All have gone the way of the dinosaurs. What about something more recent like Periscope or Foursquare? Inevitably, we chase the new so quickly that we don’t take the time to understand why it matters orwhy we want it. We don’t fully understand what it means.
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Ruckus featured in DMN News

The Digital Ad Campaign: A View From the Inside

Running a digital ad campaign is not a matter of guesswork.

The craft has been around for a while. We know it is possible to reach an identified market segment and actually know who clicks on the ad and know what they are buying.  The outcome of a digital campaign is knowable. But how do you build one?

The art, craft and science of building an online ad campaign are elements that have to be juggled, synchronized and managed. There is a core of best practices. All agencies seek the same outcome. How to get there varies from firm to firm.

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TIA Feature – Riding the creative storm with Ruckus

New York-based digital agency Ruckus includes ‘positive turbulence’ on its customers’ journey forecast. Self defined as a growth partner that cares about new customers, new revenue, efficient conversion, scalability, and meticulous execution, Ruckus cognises that this is not always a walk in the park.Read More

News & policy powerhouse Politico takes notice of our game-changing client The Fresh Toast. Congrats on the recognition!

FIRST IN MORNING MEDIA — This ain’t your father’s High Times: Seattle socialite and business consultant JJ McKay has created a new website devoted to cannabis coverage, with a mix of lifestyle, entertainment, comedy and food & drink thrown in for good measure. The Fresh Toast has been quietly publishing in beta in recent weeks ahead of an official October 4 launch that McKay says will deliver a weed publication targeting the non-stoner set. “Everyone in the digital space is embracing stoner culture,” or coming at pot from a policy angle, McKay told Morning Media.Read More

Building A Brand Story

Tell A Brand Story That Leaves Audiences Asking For More

Why are brand stories important, and what does a good one look like?

Today’s consumers know when they’re being sold to, and for the most part it’s a turnoff. Instead of being force-fed an advertisement, they want to be entertained.

Enter: brand stories.

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Feature: Ruckus Recognized as Leading Branding Agency by Clutch

Typically, modesty is our modus operandi here at Ruckus, but if you’ll allow us, we’d like to take a moment to quickly brag on ourselves. Recently, Ruckus was ranked highly among a nationwide evaluation of branding firms by Washington DC-based research firm, Clutch. What makes us especially proud of this award is that our position in Clutch’s research was almost entirely due to our awesome clients.Read More

The Funny Thing About Advertising: The Role of Humor in Ads

Let’s say it’s January 2016, and you’re the head of marketing in the Mountain Dew division of PepsiCo. You’re making a commercial to air during the upcoming Super Bowl 50. Each 30-second spot costs $5 million. Your go-to advertising firm – the massive BBDO in NYC – comes to you with the idea of broadcasting a new mascot that’s a Frankensteinian combination of a pug’s head, a monkey’s torso, and a baby’s stubby legs, called (pause for effect) Puppy Monkey Baby. How do you respond?Read More

Agency Spotter Feature: Top 14 Branding Projects You Need to See

Are you looking to rebrand, revamp or reenergize your brand?

Then take some inspiration from these top branding projects and get a taste of what great branding looks like. From the repositioning of Vistaprint to the update of The TODAY Show logo, we are highlighting some great branding work that have won awards and driven real results for clients.

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Agency Spotter Feature: #BrandingSpotted: A Chat With Ruckus

Ruckus is a full-service agency that powers game-changing companies and global influencers. Our core strategic engagements in branding, platform design, and campaigns consistently drive greater consumer action and awareness. Boasting a track record that can speak for itself, Ruckus has successfully completed hundreds of projects and been featured on prominent media outlets such as ABC, CNN, CBS, Adweek, The Wall Street Journal, and more. Whether you’re just starting out or evolving your brand, Ruckus will help you grow.

Inside Ruckus

Location: New York, NY

Core Services: Ruckus is a full-service agency with core strategic engagements that are designed to deliver results, from branding that breathes life into company stories, to platform design that fosters engagement and campaigns that drive consumer action.

# of Employees: While we are looking for additional talent, our agency is currently 12 full-time employees.

# of Four-Legged Employees: Four-legged friends are always welcome when our employees feel like bringing them along, but we don’t have a resident pooch.

Company Mantra: “Whether you’re just starting out or evolving your brand, Ruckus will help you grow. Ruckus is your strategic hire for branding, platform design, campaigns, and successful growth.”

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TIA Feature: Ruckus – An Agency Of Measurable Results

Located in the heart of New York City, Ruckus Marketing is a full-service agency dedicated to providing digital results for clients. With over ten years in the industry, Ruckus certainly has been through many phases of digital marketing. The agency takes pride in this. A slogan from the Ruckus site reads, “We’re the only 10-year-old you’d ever want working on your business”. With digital agencies popping up left and right, Ruckus is a refreshing and experienced company that’s been driving result for clients for years.

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Hooch Cocktail App Takes the Market by Storm

Drinks can be expensive, especially in major cities like New York. Oftentimes a single cocktail will cost $12 or more, which led Hooch to develop an app that’ll save your wallet while keeping the good times flowing.

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Ruckus Drives Mobileye ADAS Awareness at CES 2016

In partnership with Mobileye, a cutting-edge technology company that develops advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) to provide early warnings and prevent vehicle collisions, Ruckus coordinated a 4-day event space for the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.Read More

Baked by Melissa Re-frosts Image with New Website

Everyone’s favorite bite-sized treats are now easier to get your hands on than ever before. Thanks to a cutting-edge UX/UI theory designed by Ruckus, Baked by Melissa recently launched its all-new web store to much fanfare from cupcake lovers. Read More

Guest Author for Forbes: How Startups Can Find Investors Now

If you’re part of an accelerator or startup, the SEC just granted you a new way to approach funding in 2014: the right to solicit a broader range of investors.

I wouldn’t jump the gun on this opportunity too quickly, though — there’s a bit of fine print to read first. For one thing, the new, relaxed rules on “general solicitation” are subject to change.

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Ruckus Among the 20 Fastest Growing Agencies of 2013

Ruckus is proud to announce that they were today named to the 2013 Agency 100 List, which celebrates advertising agencies that showcase “demonstrated fortitude, strong relationships, great work and strategic ideas.” Coming in at No. 18, the listing compiled by The Agency Post recognizes the Top 100 Fastest Growing Agencies in the United States.Read More

Ruckus Featured on the Agency Post
Top 10 Pitch-Worthy PR Campaigns

Sometimes the best stories are the most unusual — that’s what makes an all-out pumpkin pie media brawl, an interactive player piano and a Cheesehead bed so interesting. But the best PR practitioners don’t just need a knack for storytelling; they must have a sound strategy to deliver real business results for the clients they serve. These pitch-worthy PR campaigns are compelling stories begging to be told that also made a measurable impact…

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Josh Wood Talks with Yahoo Voices About Risk

What Catholics Can Teach You About Taking Risks

We don’t think of the Roman Catholic Church as a cutting-edge enterprise, but a recent ad campaign has put that idea in some doubt – and not the fire-and-brimstone type.Read More

Colbert Praises Ruckus & the Catholic Diocese of BK


On the May 6, 2013 episode of the popular late night show The Colbert Report, host Stephen Colbert gave a shout-out to the Diocese of Brooklyn for their “Original Hipster” ads in his segment “Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger.” The ads, portraying Jesus as the original hipster, have gone viral since they first launched in Brooklyn on April 1, 2013. With coverage in The Wall Street Journal, Time, CBS, and many other national news outlets, the Diocese has earned over 1.6MM in additional media exposure.