Ruckus has been nominated for two Emmy® Awards!

We are incredibly proud to announce that our work for Crayola and Good Shepherd has been nominated for two Emmys® this year!  Coincidentally we had the opportunity this year to make two short films that expose the true meaning of life’s purpose, determination, and perseverance.  Two wildly different brands with a common objective – create content that connects with purpose.  

First Nomination:  Crayola – Brian’s Dots

Category: Health/Science/Environment-Program / Special

For several years Ruckus has been producing inspiring branded content for Crayola, telling stories that exemplify humanity, relationships, and growth. With Brian’s Dots, we explore the story of Brian Delozier, who found his calling as an artist when a skiing accident changed his life forever. Through his journey, we discover his connection with nature and are invited to explore the world through his lens. As an artist, Brian found his form of expression through dot-art, a method that despite his physical challenges, he conquers daily.

View the short-film here; Brian’s Dots

Second Nomination:  Good Shepherd – Megan’s Story

Category:  Branded Content

The Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network brings hope and quality of life improvement for hundreds of patients each year. In this film, we share the incredible story of Megan. At just sixteen, Megan fell off of the uneven bars while practicing for her next gymnastics competition and became paralyzed from the neck down. The piece takes us through a rollercoaster of emotion, shining light not just on Megan’s long road to recovery, but all the people involved in every aspect of her journey and care.  

View the short-film here; Megan’s Story

Awards will be presented in September.  Congratulations to the Ruckus team, and our incredible clients Crayola and Good Shepherd!


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