Ruckus Marketing Manager Stephen Saulpaugh on digital transformation from a digital agency’s perspective

In an interview with DAN, Ruckus’ Marketing Manager Stephen Saulpaugh discusses how COVID-19 has changed the digital landscape, and what brands should be doing to prepare for the inevitable pent-up demand consumers will have post-pandemic.

Q1. Digital transformation for companies and brands has become almost mandatory in a very short time. As a digital agency, how are you handling this process? Can you please share some concrete examples elaborating your digital transformation process?

Even prior to this unprecedented pandemic, our team always tried to remain nimble while helping our clients activate strategies across digital marketing channels. In addition to providing excellent service, our agency places huge importance on relationship building, especially during times like these.

Many lives have changed and nearly all brands have been impacted in some manner. I think being easily available for clients, as they navigate challenges in real-time, is more important now than ever before.

My team has continuously worked to refocus and reallocate resources to productive efforts that will help our clients net high yield growth at the beginning of the recovery curve. For example, we’ve significantly pulled back spend for clients on social campaigns geared toward conversions, and pivoted to lead generation built around educational content.

Q2. Can you share some precautions you have taken to continue business as usual during the COVID-19 outbreak?

I have to commend so many of my co-workers and the leadership at Ruckus for establishing a strong virtual infrastructure that has allowed us to continue to service clients, as we work from home.

Q3. What industries are your clients mainly focused on? How has COVID-19 affected these industries?

Our clients operate across a wide variety of industries. A few of our fashion e-commerce clients have experienced lower traffic and sales volumes, while our clients in the wine & spirits industry are thriving right now. We also support several clients with experiential activations throughout the year. With no one flying and certain gatherings being prohibited, we’ve helped these clients put on digital events. We’ve remained busy preparing for events, exhibitions, and functions that will happen in the Fall of 2020 and Winter of 2021.

Q4. What are your insights into digital transformation within different industries? How do you think they will evolve?

Luckily, most of our clients have adopted digital solutions to help them drive more efficient business results. I think many businesses who were aggressive and early to adopt these practices in recent years, had a head start as they adjusted to the current climate we are in.

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