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Lumasol, an exciting new skincare brand, tasked Ruckus with creating a logo and brand guidelines that set them apart from the industry. It was important to emphasize Lumasol’s technological innovations while still making them recognizable as a luxury UV protection product.



Ruckus created a logo that felt equal parts cutting-edge, soft, and accessible. UV tones were incorporated into the design, and the shapes of a beach umbrella and spray bottle informed the subtle curves of the type.

The reception has been incredible. Lumisol has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, Bloomberg, and others. Perhaps most importantly, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner recently featured the easy-to-use product and unique packaging on their Instagram accounts. Each one was an unpaid, full feature.



Ruckus created a variety of logo options that spoke to Lumasol’s values and strengths. After a logo was chosen, Lumasol was provided a style tile and brand guidelines to ensure effective and consistent use of the design. Ruckus also advised on packaging and font choices for the initial product line.

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