Humanizing Cybersecurity
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As one of the fastest growing technology companies in history, Axonious has redefined cybersecurity in just a few short years. To take their message to a global audience, Ruckus was engaged to create, produce, film, and post-produce incredible content with Simone Biles, and Amy Bream.



Drive brand awareness.

The message of Controlling Complexity is synonymous with the way Axonious’ technology makes the world of cybersecurity that much more simple. It targets those that are intimately involved in cybersecurity daily, and brings together a common cause and mission that resonates and inspires.



373%Increase in website traffic since launch
200k+Clicks (and counting)
We started looking for a unicorn, an agency that could translate our concept into a compelling story and could also help us with media placement. Ruckus is the only agency that gave me the confidence that could make our vision a reality and that is exactly what they did.
Nathan Burke | Chief Marketing Officer, Axonius


Inspiring Stories. Complexity Controlled.

The incredible stories of Simone Biles and Amy Bream shine through short, powerful videos focusing on how they beat the odds, overcame adversity, and succeeded in the face of overwhelming challenge.



Film, Photography, Digital Marketing

Ruckus is proud to be a part of this on-going campaign. We were tasked with scripting, all elements of pre-production, filming and all live production, post-production (editing, scoring, etc.), as well as digital marketing services to assist in the distribution of this campaign.

Working with Ruckus has been incredible. I could not possibly recommend Ruckus more.
Nathan Burke | Chief Marketing Officer, Axonius
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