Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn

The Original Hipster
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Appealing to the Masses

The Diocese needed to increase attendance at mass and appeal to a younger demographic in one of the most populous and diverse areas of the world – Brooklyn NY.



Tackling the toughest of challenges

Ruckus was tasked with developing campaigns that would resonate with a younger audience. Through extensive target market research and our creative muscle, Ruckus craft design and messaging and brought forth a risky proposition to the Diocese – be bold!



Millions in earned Media on $14,000 in spend - The Wall Street Journal

Ruckus transformed the Diocese’s image while garnering national media attention and local interest via viral campaigns dubbed “The Original Hipster,” “It’s Never Just a Selfie,” and a sustained digital presence. “The Original Hipster” campaign alone achieved over 2.6 million media impressions, returning $1.6 million of earned media to the Diocese – publicly they didn’t have to pay for.

Increased Attendance

Church leaders noting a substantial increase in attendance at mass and a notable increase in youth participation.

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