Meet Father Time
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A Hero Character for A Unicorn Brand: Chrono24

Chrono24, the world’s largest online watch market, retained Ruckus to concept, design, and execute a new campaign to catapult their brand efforts domestically. A brand focused on trust, global reach, and community, our mission was to embody their tenets into a campaign that had global power, immediate nostalgia, and the gravitas of horology.



Introducing: Father Time

The personification of time, yet faceless. The vision of a character that is instantly recognizable, yet we are meeting him for the first time. A dapper, mysterious, and ageless adventurer inspiring us all to Be Timeless.  Ruckus created this character from sketch to the big screen, including all elements of pre-production, production, and post. Cast is the incredibly talented Mark Webber, bringing us the true embodiment of Father Time.

Ruckus helped us to get a big-budget campaign to live on another continent. The creative thoughts and storyline behind the campaign are exceptional. Ruckus has managed to create, cast, and capture a character perfectly suited to Chrono24.
Inga Lorenz | Director of Marketing, Chrono24


Making Mythology Accessible

Through a series of pre-production efforts, from brainstorms to character documents to storyboard and animatics, Father Time was reinvented as a suave, exciting time traveler and watch enthusiast. Ruckus found the perfect living embodiment in renowned actor Mark Webber. Webber effortlessly embodied the almost paradoxical nature of Father Time: he’s equal parts grandiose and mythological, while also feeling warm and accessible.


Set Design

The Vault

Ruckus’ production team designed an intricate, timeless vault to anchor Father Time’s adventures.  A central point of collection for all of his memories, the vault also serves as a physical embodiment of the Chrono24 collection. A curator, and collector, Father time introduces us to the moments that make each watch special.



A Timeless Spokesperson

Father Time and his vault are timeless. They are fluid and adaptable to any time period and setting. Ruckus designed his appearance to be modular yet recognizable in every instance. The styling of the character had to be period correct for all decades of adventure, and the props/set design anchored the tone.



Collecting Memories

The campaign itself reminds us that watches are the markers of special moments. They represent accomplishments, heirlooms, familial heritage, promotions, and so many other incredible cross-sections of our lives. With this campaign we anchor those moments with aspirational elegance and remind our viewers, to Be Timeless.