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7,000 Square Feet of Immersive Branding Experience

Mobileye, a global leader in advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving technologies, can be found in over two million vehicles on the road today. All eyes were on Mobileye at CES 2023 after a successful and greatly anticipated IPO in 2022, so they looked to a trusted partner with a strong tenure at CES.



The biggest, boldest CES yet

Ruckus designed and curated an immersive brand experience for the seventh consecutive year. All the stops were pulled with a 7,000-square-foot exhibition that featured cutting-edge technology, dedicated two-level conference spaces, interactive demonstrations, and a press conference experience.


Result 1

7,000 Square Feet

In 2023, the booth footprint grew to a jaw-dropping 7,000-square-foot experiential marketing showcase where attendees were immersed in the Mobileye brand.


The Cube

The focal point of Mobileye’s 7,000-square-foot booth was a cube-shaped structure that housed a theater and included nearly 1,000 LED tiles to project 4D content to create an immersive experience and stunning visual performance that resonated deeply with CES attendees.


Result 2


Over 100 media correspondents and industry insiders attended the Mobileye CEO’s first major press conference at CES since their IPO. Ruckus produced a turnkey event that hosted the audience, live-streamed the conference, and brought breaking news to the masses at the flagship event.


Result 3

Expertly Crafted Content

The Ruckus team started planning video and photography content months before Mobileye arrived at CES. With careful pre-scripting, pre-scoring, pre-production, and post-production in place, we swiftly curated content that expanded the brand experience beyond the trade show floor.

Ruckus produced 14 videos for Mobileye’s social channels over the course of two days. Furthermore, content was filmed with executives and other Mobileye VIPs that could be used for an extended time within other company channels.


Result 4

Content on Demand

While CES had over 115,000 attendees this year, Mobileye had to keep all of their followers in the know on the floor. Ruckus worked with Mobileye’s teams to ensure that daily content was captured and pushed to their social channels in near real-time for ongoing updates from the floor.



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