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Running a digital ad campaign is not a matter of guesswork.

The craft has been around for a while. We know it is possible to reach an identified market segment and actually know who clicks on the ad and know what they are buying.  The outcome of a digital campaign is knowable. But how do you build one?

The art, craft and science of building an online ad campaign are elements that have to be juggled, synchronized and managed. There is a core of best practices. All agencies seek the same outcome. How to get there varies from firm to firm.

Focus on the journey or the destination?

Ruckus is a small agency based in New York City that specializes in mid-sized clients. Before undertaking a campaign, the firm maps it out in its entirety, treating it as a funnel, says Ruckus CEO Josh Wood.

Looking at one client — an internet-based service for booking massage therapists on an Uber-like platform — the chain to conversion would start with search; then a digital ad; followed by e-mail; leading the consumer to social media, and perhaps to an event where they could try the service out. “You look at the entire chain. If any part of the chain is broken, your conversion is exponentially less likely to become a sale.” Wood says.

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