Dear Ruckus

Here is a letter of thanks on behalf of the 2016 intern group.

Dear Ruckus Team,

Thanks. It’s been real.


The Interns

P.S. Thank you for everything you’ve done for us over the course of this summer. Thank you, Miles, for being great at your job. If it weren’t for your SEO optimization, we wouldn’t have found Ruckus when we typed “NYC marketing firms” into our Google search bars. Thank you, Madelene, for reaching out to us and letting us get our foot in the door, and thank you, Seisei, for seeing potential in us. By letting us join the team for these three speedy months, you gave us the opportunity to remove our training wheels in an amazing environment.

Thank you, Josh and Alex, for drafting us onto the softball team and giving us such wonderful names on our jerseys. Thank you, Dave, for ruining a T-shirt maker’s day to ensure that the colors on those jerseys were designer-level perfect.

Thanks, Ryan, for all the inspiring word you’ve shared with us. Thanks, Runn, for instilling into us on day one the beauty of New York City and the way its idiosyncrasies start to feel like home. Thanks, Lauren, for letting us join the brainstorm process and putting actual consideration into our suggestions.

Thanks, Brittany, for saving the world with your vegan diet and evening out a portion of the damage done by Miles over the course of her life. Thanks, Kelly, for picking up where we left off and overlapping with us for a week.

Thanks to 35th street for having two Starbucks on our block, as well as the $1 bakery.

Thanks, Ruckus, for a great summer. The client meeting that occurred on Tuesday, August 9th, was one I doubt we’ll ever forget. And, of course, thanks in advance for the job offers we’re all expecting ;). If all goes according to plan, we’ll see you in the city next year.


The Interns


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