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A well-crafted brand is the cornerstone of a successful enterprise. We create innovative and winning brands through our proprietary process. In addition to branding dozens of startups, we’ve rebranded clients with established businesses who needed a fresh look. Our branding process includes logo design, copywriting, brand guidelines, and suggestions for implementation— the things you need to present your company’s new image.



Our proprietary process takes into consideration competitors’ approaches and the latest design and industry trends— everything necessary to create innovative brands for startups and established businesses alike.

The cornerstone of a well-crafted brand is in-depth research.


Ruckus explores every element of a logo— the inspiration, color treatments, stylings, and much more— to deliver a truly unique brand identifier that holds meaning for your brand.

With your logo serving as the main visual cue between a consumer and your brand, it’s imperative you make a lasting impression.


Brand guidelines are your key to consistent branding, messaging, and design accuracy.

Shared and adopted across the firm, the brand guidelines explicitly set out the acceptable color choices, fonts, design, and usage for printed and digital collateral. Keeping everyone on the same page will keep your brand on the right track.



Packaging carries your brand out into the world and has incredible staying power.

Using the brand guidelines, Ruckus designs eye-catching packaging to accommodate your specific product needs. Our goal is to help you deliver a unique brand experience that serves as an extension of your product.


Branded Content

We breathe life into your story by artfully tailoring it to fit your reach, mission, and vision. We give direction and intelligent purpose to the visual content defining your brand. Not only do we re-educate your target consumer to pay attention, but we produce content that makes them want to pay attention.



With a strong brand identity in place, Ruckus will design a marketing program and follow through on implementation.

  • Ensuring the logo and brand are properly used in all applications
  • Formulating a complete rollout plan
  • Maximizing brand awareness
  • Maintaining focus on return on investment