See Ruckus’ work on behalf of the Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn featured in HubSpot’s “Top 10 Pitch-worthy Campaigns.”

“Top 10 Pitch-Worthy PR Campaigns

Sometimes the best stories are the most unusual — that’s what makes an all-out pumpkin pie media brawl, an interactive player piano and a Cheesehead bed so interesting. But the best PR practitioners don’t just need a knack for storytelling; they must have a sound strategy to deliver real business results for the clients they serve. These pitch-worthy PR campaigns are compelling stories begging to be told that also made a measurable impact.”

“Ruckus Marketing | Ruckus was founded with the mission to bring discipline and sound business strategy to marketing. Focused on accountability and impacting the bottom-line for its clients, Ruckus is on a mission to be a growth partner for the brands it serves. “The Original Hipster” campaign for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn, featuring Jesus in Converse sneakers, was launched to get Catholics to return to the church by making Jesus seem more relatable to a younger, more diverse demographic. The Diocese reported their $14,000 investment in the campaign resulted in $1.6 million in media coverage and exposure, including appearances in The Wall Street Journal, Time, The Huffington Post and CNN.”

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